On return from hot summer days and vacation season, MONTINI delivered a special MR ZINC 1.8 galvanized electric forklift truck to an important company in Lombardy specializing in the processing of animal products and by-products, in particular pork guts for sausages, offal for food use, rendered fats for industrial and livestock use and processed animal proteins for zootechnical use.

MONTINI provided the special forklift truck to meet Customer’s needs and expectations in the best way:

  • forklift truck in ZINC version, completely hot-dip galvanized and produced with stainless steel components and specific measures, to resist the corrosive agents that characterize food industry;
  • with hot-dip galvanized lifting mast, chassis, overhead guard, wheel rims and forks;
  • with total protective paint, light gray color, on the truck;
  • with overhead guard in drive-in version;
  • forklift set-up for occasional driving on roads;
  • forklift truck set up for โ€œIndustry 4.0โ€, with the MONTINI REMOTE CONTROL device for interconnection to factory information technology systems, to make the production process more effective, efficient and easy to manage and provide a service of the highest technological and innovative standards;
  • forklift truck equipped with hydraulic oil and food-grade lubricants specifically intended for food handling applications, made with a special composition to reduce any risk of contamination both to working environments and the products handled;
  • forklift with battery box coated with a protective layer of waterproof lamination in fertene.

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