MONTINI yesterday and today, market leader.


For over 60 years MONTINI has been an expert in the design and construction of special electric forklifts, studied in every detail to optimise logistic in warehouses with specific needs.

Thanks to its research and various patents filed over the course of the years, MONTINI has developed the necessary experience and specific know-how to provide the market with technological gemsspecial electric forklifts of unrivalled performance and reliability.


Brothers, Antonio and Giovanni Montini, produce the company’s first diesel forklifts, with load capacities ranging from 3 – 10 tons. The vehicles were immediately popular thanks to their sturdiness and technology.

Production of the first electric forklifts specifically designed for the fruit and vegetable sector. The huge success of these vehicles makes MONTINI a leader in this market segment.

The company realises that the market needs an increasingly higher level of services and sets about meeting this need, setting up a competent and qualified technical and after-sales office.

The company feels the need for faster and more widespread commercial expansion: GM, a company of the MONTINI group, is established to distribute vehicles both in Italy and abroad.

The first series of BINGO forklifts is launched: it is an immediate success!

MONTINI invents the CSM system (Comfort Security MONTINI), becoming the first company in the world to install shock absorbers on forklifts, ensuring greater safety and comfort for the operator and reductions in the incidence of occupational disorders, putting the company way ahead of standards and legal requirements governing vibrations generated by operating machinery.

The MONTINI company is 100% taken over by Francesco Garotti, historical partner and in the company since the late ’70s.

To reduce distribution steps and costs for end customers, MONTINI decides to distribute its products directly.

The BINGO series evolves and becomes BINGOplus, extending the standard warranty to 30 months or 4000 hours of work, thanks to its proven technical reliability.

The BINGO series evolves and becomes BINGOplus, extending the standard warranty to 30 months or 4000 hours of work, thanks to its proven technical reliability.

BINGO ZINC is born: the new series of fully galvanised forklifts (3 and 4 wheels, with load capacities of up to 4000 kg) and with stainless steel components, designed specifically for the food sector. One of its kind in the front forklift truck world.

The innovative MONTINI forklifts belonging to the “MR – MONTINI Revolution” series appear on the market: a modern and attractive design for lifting loads of between 6 and 10 tons. The series is unveiled at the “CeMAT” trade exhibition in Hanover.

The “BINGOplus N” series evolves into the “MR – MONTINI Revolution” series: now the range consists of forklifts with load capacities of 1600 kg to 10000 kg.

The “BINGO ZINC” series develops into the “MR ZINC” series: a wide range of forklifts with load capacities between 1600 and 5000 kg, designed specifically for the food sector.

The MONTINI range is extended to include the new “ML TRI” models: the tri-lateral electric forklifts, with standard, stationary driving position, are ideal for working in narrow aisles and for lifting heavy loads to high levels.

The MONTINI range gets bigger and better with the new “MONTINI AGV” (Automated Guided Vehicle) electric forklifts for warehouse logistics.

The MONTINI Company changed its headquarters, expanded and moved to Lugo to new premises built next to the existing spare parts warehouse.

Thanks to the technological experience accumulated over time to provide the market the best solutions, the MR 18 COMPACT forklift is born (18 tons of capacity at 600 mm load center) added to MONTINI forklifts designed for heavy duty applications.

The range of MONTINI forklifts of great capacity is enhanced with the new models of 6 and 7 tons available in three versions: COMPACT, LOW and CONTAINER, perfect for the use in paper and cardboard industry.

Launch of the new series MR SUPER and MR SUPER LITHIUM, the new generation of special electric forklifts at 48V, from 1000 to 2000 kg of capacity, all with three wheels, equipped with important technical features.

The range of heavy-duty forklifts expands, with the design of the MR 12 – MR 14 – MR 16 – MR 18 models: MONTINI forklifts (capacities from 12 to 18 tons) for important applications, with heavy loads at significant centers of gravity.

G.M., a historical MONTINI partner company, focuses its activities on the sale and rental of MONTINI special electric forklift trucks.

MONTINI SERVICE, a company of the MONTINI group, is founded on the need to satisfy customers by providing them with the best technical assistance and scheduled maintenance services on MONTINI electric forklift trucks.