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Try BINGOplus N trucks to work better and for longer,
without the risk of developing occupational diseases.

The MONTINI BINGOplus N lift trucks are truly unique world-wide as they feature a hydropneumatic suspension system on the rear steering wheels.
The patented shock absorbing system CSM (Comfort Security Montini) reduces virtually to zero the vibrations that are a cause of fatigue and occupational diseases.
When the truck travels on uneven or bumpy surfaces, the rear mounted hydropneumatic suspension reduces shocks and vibrations transmitted to the operator's seat.

With MONTINI trucks it is easier to work for longer. With no health hazards.

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Shock absorbers for 3-wheel trucks.
Patent no. 01308979

the clip.
MONTINI has patented stability.
Stabiliser function. Self-levelling suspension: a position sensor ensures that the truck distance from the ground is always consistent, independently of load conditions.
When speed exceeds 12 km/h, a microprocessor controls the suspension lowering.
  • Higher speed.
  • Higher stability.
  • Higher safety.
MONTINI has patented comfort.
Nitrogen hydropneumatic suspension system on the rear steering wheels. When the truck travels on uneven ground, the suspension reduces shocks and vibration transmitted to the operator.
  • No vibration.
  • No effort.
  • Better performance.

Shock absorbers for 4-wheel trucks.
Patent no. 01321227

the clip.

Nitrogen hydropneumatic suspension system on the steering axle.
Higher safety. Higher stability. Higher comfort.

The CSM version of the BINGOplus N 4-wheel trucks offers advantages for the operator:
  • no vibration;
  • reduced effort;
  • unequalled comfort;
  • lower incidence of occupational diseases.

It also offers operating advantages:

  • more stable load;
  • prevents vibrations, stress and shocks causing damage to mechanical and electrical components;
  • safer driving.
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