Two years after the first delivery, MONTINI has again supplied a new, customized MR ZINC 1.8 special galvanized electric forklift truck to a young, but already important and prestigious company located in Tuscan leather industrial district, a leader company in tanning and finishing of fine leathers, including crocodile, ostrich and python, destined for haute couture sector.


Based on Customer’s requirements, MONTINI has identified the most suitable forklift truck for the different application situations, providing it:

  • in ZINC version, completely hot-dip galvanized and produced with stainless steel components and specific measures, to resist the corrosive agents that characterize the tanning sector;
  • with hot-dip galvanized lifting mast, chassis, overhead guard, wheel rims and forks;
  • with protective paint, light gray (on the whole forklift);
  • set up for โ€œIndustry 4.0โ€, with the MONTINI REMOTE CONTROL device for interconnection to factory information technology systems, to make the production process more effective, efficient and easy to manage and provide a service of the highest technological and innovative standards;
  • equipped with hydraulic oil and food-grade grease suitable, even in accidental cases, for contact with foodstuffs as well as with valuable materials such as leather.



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