On delivery to Danish Dealer โ€˜OJ Truck A/Sโ€™ in Lรธgstrup, the MR 1.2 SUPER LITHIUM forklift trucks (1200 kg rated capacity) destined for the large fleet of trucks that โ€˜OJ Truckโ€™ supplies for rental.


The main and specific features of these machines are:

  • the hydraulic joystick control that allows all hydraulic functions of the forklift, using a single control lever;
  • the customized display with โ€œOJ Truckโ€ logo which offers quick, easy access to main forklift truck information;
  • the dedicated set-up consisting of a wide range of optional extras, such as the panoramic mirror, the forklift-radio preparation kit, the warning LED blue spotlight on the overhead guard, the bar-shaped type of LED working lights installed on the mast, the USB connector for recharging the mobile phone;
  • the equipment with high capacity lithium-ion battery 48V-525Ah.




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