On delivery, in Germany, the MONTINI MR 3.5 AGV forklift truck (3500 kg load capacity) destined for an important German Customer that develops and produces lithium ion cells for high-performance batteries for automotive applications.


Let’s take a look at the main features of this machine.

  • Forklift truck intended for conversion into AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), with mechanical, electronic and hydraulic modifications for the AGV (drillings and electrical connections), designed to provide an automation solution for the logistics of the particular product sector, taking into account Customer’s individual requirements.
  • Flexible and intelligent forklift truck: through a simple two-position selector, the forklift can be configured to operate in automatic mode or manually, driven by an operator.
  • Customized color.
  • Super-elastic no-marking tyres.
  • Front and rear LED warning blue spotlight on the overhead guard and LED flashing light.




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