More stability. More safety. More comfort.

The comfort of employees is essential, but other factors must also be considered when choosing a forklift, so let’s take a closer look at how shock dampening can facilitate productivity in a company’s warehouse logistics.

1. Less wear and less maintenance.

When a forklift travels over rough surfaces, without shock dampening, vibrations and jolts can, in the long run, cause damage to the forklift’s mechanical and electrical components. Good suspension, on the other hand, eliminates strain and makes the load on the forks more stable. This also means that the forklift lasts longer and requires less frequent maintenance.

The load lifted by a shock-dampened forklift is also more stable and this means two more things:

  • less chance of damaging the goods being transported;
  • greater stability means more safety.

2. Shock dampening in a forklift improves safety.

Guaranteeing both safer driving for the forklift operator and less inconvenience for the loads, a shock-dampened forklift offers optimum functionality, but above all it complies with the requirements set out in Legislative Decree No. 187 of 19 August 2005. This decree, which came into force at the beginning of 2006, is the reference employers need to consider in terms of their obligations to reduce the amount of full-body mechanical vibrations to which workers are exposed.

And where there are benefits for the operator, who will be subjected to less jolts and vibrations, there are also benefits for the company. For example, companies that choose these kinds of forklift truck will see a reduction in forklift drivers’ sick leave.

One should also consider the fact that greater comfort for the worker means greater productivity.

3. Because greater comfort means more productivity.

Imagine working a few hours and then finding yourself full of aches and pains by the middle of the shift. A comfortable operator works better for longer, does not get tired and maintains a more constant performance over time.

Therefore, creating a working environment suited to the needs of human resources means optimizing production and encouraging business growth.

Aware of all these important benefits and always attentive to national and international safety regulations, MONTINI is the only manufacturer in the world to have designed and patented a suspension system for its forklifts.

In fact, MONTINI produces forklifts incorporating the patented CSM (Comfort Security Montini) suspension system.

This is why MONTINI electric forklifts are special and truly unique!

The CSM suspension system reduces vibrations that cause fatigue and occupational disorders to almost zero.

With so many guaranteed benefits, a MONTINI shock-dampened forklift will never go unnoticed. Do you want to try the only forklift in the world with our patented suspension system?

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