Today we are looking at how you can protect your forklifts from deterioration and make them more durable.

Do your forklifts deteriorate quickly? Here’s why

Every day forklifts are exposed to external factors that can compromise their condition. The surfaces of your vehicles may come into contact with corrosive substances or natural elements that lead to progressive surface deterioration and that’s not all.

Gradually, this process could affect the efficiency and performance of the vehicle and consequently represent a risk for the goods handled and operator health & safety.
Over time, high levels of corrosion and deterioration will lead to your forklift needing more and more monitoring and maintenance.

Here’s how galvanizing can transform your fleet and make it indestructible
To effectively reduce continuous forklift corrosion, you could consider the possibility of equipping your fleet with galvanized electric forklift trucks.

Galvanizing is a useful tool for improving surface resistance and counteracting rapid deterioration. In fact, when applied to a ferrous surface, zinc:

  • increases mechanical strength and deformability;
  • reduces surface corrosion.

Here are 2 types of galvanizing that are carried out on metal:

  • electrogalvanization: a zinc coating is applied to the metal mainly as a protection against galvanic corrosion
  • hot-dip galvanization: a layer of zinc is applied to the ferrous base by immersing it in a bath of molten zinc.

For forklifts, hot-dip galvanization is more effective in providing greater resistance of external surfaces. This is why MONTINI uses this technique for galvanizing the components of its forklift trucks.

The 4 advantages that MONTINI galvanized electric forklift trucks offer your business

Galvanized forklifts are easy to wash, at any time, without having to worry about corrosion. This makes them very hygienic vehicles, also suitable for operating in contact with food products.

The MONTINI range also includes, as already mentioned, our special MR ZINC forklifts (capacity from 1600 kg to 5000 kg), made with stainless steel and zinc to safeguard hygiene and forklift durability.

  • MR ZINC forklifts are the only ones on the market with total immersion hot-dip galvanization. The hot-dip galvanization process is one of the most effective corrosion protection systems: the full immersion hot-dip method, used for MR ZINC forklifts guarantees unparalleled resistance in hostile environments and unmatched overall forklift durability.
  • Totally washable whenever you want, even with high-pressure cleaners, and ready for use immediately afterwards because they are totally full immersion hot-dip galvanized; the electrical parts are wire-to-wire soldered and covered with a protective sheath while some components (such as pins, grease nipples, hydraulic fittings, terminals, screws, bolts, etc.) are made from stainless steel.
  • They meet every hygiene and food safety need: with MR ZINC, operators in the food and the agri-food sectors have found their ideal partner for the stress-free handling of HACCP requirements (for food safety and hygiene).
  • They are perfectly hygienic forklifts and are resistant to corrosion, blood and salt. They do not rust and what’s more they use hydraulic oils and greases specifically designed for the food sector, in order to avoid any risk of contamination.

Resistant, always sanitized and good performance: this is why you should choose MONTINI MR ZINC galvanized forklifts

MONTINI is a company specialized in producing special electric forklift trucks designed to optimize warehouse logistics system operation.
Thanks to their galvanization, MR ZINC electric forklifts are the “resistant” solution for working in extreme environments and in departments where machines with dedicated technical characteristics are required.

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