With a view to developing automation solutions to improve operations and to make industrial production automated and interconnected, for the benefit of greater productivity, quality and flexibility, various innovative technologies are applied by MONTINI to its forklifts, with the aim of providing functionality that enable an “Industry 4.0” management of the trucks, for maximum performance in terms of work efficiency.

Among these, the MONTINI GeoLog system must be described: it concerns the geolocation, in real time, of the MONTINI forklifts in the workplace.

In particular, it is a RTLS system (Real Time Location System): a set of technologies and software that allows you to know, in real time, the position of a forklift truck and its load; consequently it becomes possible to have a notion of the certain location of each handling unit (pallet, box, bin, etc.) inside the warehouse.


The MONTINI GeoLog system consists of:

  • an on-board computer;
  • “optical” sensors (including the pallet presence sensor, the fork height sensor and the cameras);
  • a control unit.


The system relies on a central server that governs the fleet of forklifts, showing their individual position, and also integrates with the Customer’s WMS (Warehouse Management System), that is with the warehouse management software, updating -automatically and in real time- warehouse stocks that are in stock.


Thanks to the MONTINI GeoLog system, it is possible to obtain a series of fundamental information for warehouse productivity and efficiency:

  • know, in real time and with remarkable precision, the position and speed of each MONTINI forklift from its own fleet;
  • know, in real time, the exact position of each handling unit (pallet, box, bin, etc.);
  • prevent picking errors by correctly indicating the handling unit to pick up on the video equipped on the truck;
  • in case of withdrawal of a handling unit other than those provided, or storage in an incorrect area, the MONTINI GeoLog system warns the operator of the mistake made, allowing the wrong pallet to be immediately deposited in order to pick up the right one;
  • possibility of extrapolating stock performance indicators with levels of detail otherwise not possible.




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