At the last edition of MACFRUT 2021 (Fruit & Veg Professional Show), the exhibition relating to the fruit and vegetable supply chain, arranged in Rimini at the beginning of September with the presence of public after a long pandemic period, MONTINI presented interesting and innovative technical solutions, dedicated -not only- to material handling in the entire fruit and vegetable supply chain.

The exclusive news, proposed to the public, was the MONTINI INTELLIGENT HF CHARGER, the smart high frequency MONTINI battery charger (48V and 80V) of new generation, which automatically performs waterfill to the battery without the physical presence of the operator and which remotely transmits the charge and discharge data checking the efficiency of the battery. These innovative features improve the production process and reduce the costs related to the management of batteries.

Let’s see what it is!

The battery charger communicates, via Can-Bus, with the BMS of the battery; the BMS (Battery Management System) is a device, placed on the battery, which informs the battery charger about the battery capacity and the electrolyte level.

The battery charger receives the data from the BMS and starts the charging phase; the MONTINI intelligent battery charger automatically adjusts the current, based on the battery capacity, and memorizes any need to top up the electrolyte.

The charging system is efficient, safe and fast.

The battery charger remotely transmits the charge and discharge data to a dedicated control computer.

Through software it is possible to view, in real time:

  • all battery chargers connected to the system;
  • the battery charges that are in progress;
  • the complete history of the charge and discharge data of each battery.

The advantages of this special battery charger are noteworthy: reduction of costs and time associated with battery management; daily check of the efficiency of the battery park; general improvement of the production process.

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