MONTINI’s leadership is in offering a wide range of bespoke special electric forklifts, in order of responding to specific and personalized needs of the Customers.

MONTINI has delivered, to the historic and important Danish dealer “OJ TRUCK” in LØGSTRUP, n°4 special MONTINI MR 3.5 electric forklifts (with a nominal capacity of 3500 kg) for the large fleet of trucks that “OJ TRUCK” supplies to rental.

The main and specific characteristics of these machines are:

  • the hydraulic joystick control that allows all hydraulic functions of the forklift, using a single control device;
  • the customized display with the “OJ TRUCK” logo which offers quick, easy access to main truck information;
  • the integrated fork positioner;
  • the cabin with heated rear window, inside which we find a comfortable work environment with all the controls at hand; a generous foot space and a comfortable high quality seat with pneumatic suspension… all to ensure best working performance for the operator, even in the heaviest and hardest work shifts;
  • the heater that allows a comfortable interior climate at all times.

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