Counterbalanced, exclusively electrically powered and, above all, special!

This is the new MR 7 COMPACT electric front forklift truck (at 96V, with load capacity of 7000 kg at load centre 600 mm) designed by MONTINI for most demanding and heavy-duty applications, such as those that characterize the paper and cardboard sector, where reels often of significant size need to be handled, as well as for loading and unloading lorries and containers, warehouse storage operations and for manoeuvring goods in tight indoor spaces.


The driving position is spacious and easily accessible, thanks to the convenient and wide steps. It offers ample foot space and an extremely comfortable seat and is designed to ensure excellent visibility and maximum safety, even when handling the bulkiest of loads.

The comfortable and spacious driverโ€™s cab is positioned on special anti-vibration mounts (silent blocks), designed to reduce vibrations and noise in the cab, providing additional comfort and facilitating the operatorโ€™s daily work to guarantee greater control and constant precision, even in the demanding working conditions common to the paper sector.

The 96V batteries guarantee maximum autonomy for tackling long work shifts. The battery is supplied in two individual blocks, positioned on the sides of the lift truck chassis, making them easy to remove and handle.

Changing the battery is quick and easy. It can be carried out mechanically (standard), using a second lift truck (load capacity of 2000 kg) or a hand pallet truck.

Watch -at the link below- the video on the MR 7 COMPACT truck!

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