MONTINI delivered to the historic and important Danish dealer โ€œO.J. Truck A/Sโ€ in Lรธgstrup, a special MONTINI MR ZINC 2.5 COMPACT electric forklift (with nominal capacity of 2500 kg) destined to work in the dairy sector.

The main and specific characteristics of this machine are as follows:
โ€ข forklift truck in ZINC version, completely hot-dip galvanized and produced with stainless steel components and specific devices, to resist the corrosive agents that characterize the dairy sector;
โ€ข hot-dip galvanized lifting mast, chassis, overhead guard and wheel rims;
โ€ข forklift truck equipped with hydraulic oil and food-grade lubricants specifically intended for food handling applications, made with a special composition to reduce any risk of contamination both to working environments and the products handled;
โ€ข forklift truck equipped with a specific cheese rotator.


Watch the video of the truck at work:ย ย


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