The MR COMPACT electric 4-wheel counterbalanced forklifts with load capacities of 1750 kg – 2500 kg, at 48V and 80V, are ideal vehicles for meeting the compactness required by users who need an unbeatable turning radius for maximum efficiency when operating in fruit and vegetables warehouses, narrow storage aisles, cold stores and confined spaces.


( load centre 500 mm )
Model Load cap. (kg) Lift hgt. (mm)
MR 1.7 COMPACT 1750 3300
MR 2.0 COMPACT 2000 3300
MR 2.5 COMPACT 2500 3300
MR 2.5 COMPACT.P 2500 3300
MR 2.5 COMPACT.P XL 2500 3300


At maximum lift height, in total safety.

Montini super steering

Rear axle steering up to 101 degrees, as standard, for steering in the tightest and most limited spaces with an unbeatable turning radius (Wa).

  • Wa = 1558 mm for MR 1.7 COMPACT – MR 2.0 COMPACT.
  • Wa = 1685 mm for MR 2.5 COMPACT.

High-capacity batteries

  • MR 1.7 COMPACT and MR 2.0 COMPACT with 48V batteries, from 630Ah to 1120Ah.
  • MR 2.5 COMPACT with 80V batteries, from 625Ah to 690Ah.
  • MR 2.5 COMPACT XL with 80V batteries, from 700Ah to 860Ah.

Set up with high-capacity Amp/h batteries, to meet all work needs and guarantee unparalleled working autonomy (up to 14 hours a day).

Battery chargers

“MONTINI” brand battery chargers, tailored to actual use and the daily working hours of the final operators.