The MONTINI range gets bigger and better with the new MONTINI AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) electric forklifts for warehouse logistics.

With its AGV forklifts, MONTINI offers the market automation solutions and innovative technologies for Industry 4.0 applied to forklifts to increase performance and optimise production processes while at the same time containing warehouse management costs.

These are unique forklifts on the market and are both flexible and intelligent; thanks to a simple two-position selector, the forklift can be configured to operate in either automatic mode or be driven manually by an operator.
Having two operating modes makes these forklift trucks extremely popular with our customers: AGV and with operator.

Available in various versions, depending on the needs and loads being handled, they adapt to the pre-existing work environment thanks to being equipped with an electronic learning and mapping system of the operational area.

MONTINI AGVs are fitted, on all sides of the forklift, with four safety sensors, which, thanks to a detection system, ascertain the presence of people and possible obstacles, safely stopping the forklifts to avoid collisions, protecting both operators and goods.

The electrical power supply of the MONTINI AGVs is completed with an automatic recharging function, by autonomously connecting the forklifts to the battery charging station by means of sliding contacts.

MONTINI AGV forklifts are the ideal machines for warehouse handling operations where mixed activities are carried out.
Valid logistic complements to our AGV forklifts are the AGV shuttles with automatic driverless operation for transferring goods along routes established by the line.