The 80V 4-wheel electric counterbalanced forklift trucks in the “MR” series are the model of choice for the indoor handling of materials and logistics.
They represent the ideal range for operating both indoors and outdoors, in all sectors.
Designed to increase warehouse efficiency, they are the perfect vehicles for handling products thanks  to their great ability to manoeuvre in limited spaces.


( load centre 500 mm )
Model Load cap. (kg) Lift hgt. (mm)
MR 2.5 2500 3300
MR 3.0 3000 3300
MR 3.5 3500 3300
MR 4.0 4000 3300
MR 4.5 4500 3300
MR 5.0 4999 3300

CSM - Confort Security Montini

The 80V “MR” forklifts can also be supplied in the CSM (Comfort Security Montini) version, i.e. with hydropneumatic suspension on the rear steering axle, for improved safety, better stability and more comfort.

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Montini super steering

Rear axle steering up to 101 degrees, as standard, to guarantee operational agility in the tightest and most limited manoeuvring spaces.

High-capacity batteries

  • MR 2.5 with 80V batteries, from 560Ah to 860Ah.
  • MR 3.0 and MR 3.5 with 80V batteries, from 625Ah to 860Ah.
  • MR 4.0 and MR 4.5 with 80V batteries, from 750Ah to 1032Ah.
  • MR 5.0 with 80V batteries, 840Ah.

Designed to guarantee a high level of autonomy, these forklifts can easily perform two work shifts without needing to recharge the batteries.

Battery chargers

“MONTINI” brand battery chargers, tailored to actual use and the daily working hours of the final operators.