The “MR” series of heavy forklifts now includes the new CONTAINER version with rated capacities of 6000 kg and 7000 kg at a load centre of 600 mm.

Designed specifically for demanding applications, such as in the paper and wood sectors, these forklifts are ideal for handling and storing heavy loads, both outdoors and indoors, in humid and dusty environments, thanks to their great manoeuvrability as well as their lifting and traction power, even when fitted with special equipment.


( load centre 600 mm )
Model Load cap. (kg) Lift hgt. (mm)
MR 6 CONTAINER 6000 2850
MR 7 CONTAINER 7000 2850


Spacious and easily accessible thanks to the handy step, the operator’s cab has been designed to provide excellent visibility, even when handling the bulkiest loads.

In order to improve visibility, operator comfort and safety, the cab has been designed with full-glass as an option, to ensure an all-round view, thanks to the large windshield that extends from the front to the rear passing over the roof.


MONTINI SUPER STEERING, the rear axle steering up to 101°, has been designed and built by MONTINI and is supplied as standard on the MR CONTAINER range from 6 to 7 tons.

These forklifts, equipped with latest generation twin-motor traction, independently controlled in alternating current (AC), combined with an electronic differential and Super Steering, are capable of working and moving in confined spaces, providing the operator with maximum manoeuvrability and guaranteeing the best driving experience.


  • MR 6 CONTAINER with 96V batteries, from 1000Ah to 1104Ah.
  • MR 7 CONTAINER with 96V batteries, from 1000Ah to 1104Ah.

The 96V batteries up to 1104Ah guarantee maximum autonomy for handling long work shifts.

Changing the battery is quick and easy. It is carried out mechanically (standard), using a second forklift or pallet jack.