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Yearly INAIL (ex-ISPESL) inspections

to ensure certified and guaranteed MONTINI safety.

The Italian Legislative Decree no. 81 dated 9 April 2008 (DLgs 81/08) on health and safety in the workplace (and its subsequent amendments - Italian Legislative Decree 106/09), introduced a change regarding the statutory obligations applicable to the maintenance and efficiency of lift trucks and relevant equipment.

In particular, Art. 71 makes it mandatory for the employer to provide its employees with suitable health and safety protective equipment which must be suitable for the job to carry out, in accordance with the equipment operation and maintenance instructions.

Additionally, according to the same Legislative Decree, regular inspections must be conducted on the lift trucks and equipment at least once a year to ensure that adequate safety conditions are maintained, as provided for by the Guide-Lines of ISPESL (the Italian Institute for Industrial Safety and Accident Prevention). 

The manufacturer MONTINI guarantees that its whole technical service network (S.A.T.) has been trained and authorised and has received an official ISPESL certificate to carry out periodical checks on the maintenance and efficiency of lift trucks and the relevant equipment.

MONTINI's authorised technicians will perform an in-depth check on all lift truck safety devices.

After this check completion, a report on the performed tests will be issued to the employer.

The technician will apply to each lift truck which has successfully passed the safety test an identifying sticker, which also works as a reminder for the next scheduled test.

Task description:

  • preparation of the "Machine Handbook" with technical specifications for each single lift truck;
  • preparation of an analytical "Check-list" with specific instruments to test the efficiency and safety of each main part of the lift truck;
  • preparation of a "Test Report" by trained, skilled staff authorised to perform this task according to a special ISPESL certificate.
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