MONTINI produces tailored electric forklift trucks to provide efficient solutions that meet customer’s requirements.

As an option, on its special electric forklifts, MONTINI can set various parameter configurations, or sequences, for safety belt, in order to prevent, or rather to eliminate, dangers and damages deriving from incorrect use of safety belt by the operator while working.

In particular, it is possible:

  • to stop the truck if seat belt is not fastened, i.e. if the driver unfastens the belt while he is working, then the truck is blocked;
  • always to connect seat belt after the operator is seated on the truck, to prevent him from keeping seat belt fastened behind his back; in the event this sequence is not respected, the truck is stopped;
  • to reduce speed of various hydraulic functions (i.e. lifting, tilting, side-shifting and any additional equipment fitted to the truck) and of the traction, if the operator unfastens his belt while working.

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