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N 5500 CU -A CE

The Great MONTINI: top class performance!

Load capacity of 5500 kg with cushion tyres.

Here's the MONTINI electric lift truck with carrying capacity of 5500 kg summed up in just a few words.

Silent, smooth operation in every working condition. This lift truck can effortlessly lift and handle loads up to 5500 kg, working in narrow spaces (with a reduced turning radius of 2424 mm) with an outstanding load capacity.

The standard equipment of this truck includes the cushion tyres in order to guarantee the load capacity of 5500 kg at load centre 600 mm.

Thanks to its electronic lift control with microprocessor, this MONTINI truck can be customised according to different working requirements: slow and gradual to fast, without any impact on the machine power.

The wide visibility of the mast prevents human errors during load handling. The free lift cylinders' standard equipment includes a hydraulic shock absorber system to ensure flexible, low-noise operation during lifting. The choice of producing wide sections, together with an accurate control of the clearance between bearing and mast, will ensure maximum rigidity and stability for the mast. Large diameter bearings on sliding sections ensure high shock absorbance and consequently, excellent reliability even in the most demanding working conditions.

The truck drive is controlled by a microprocessor logic allowing jolt-free millimetric movements and minimising all likelihood of errors. The advantage of a microprocessor controlled system is to ensure greater energy recovery, thus enhancing the lift truck's autonomy of operation.

The operator's seat ensures excellent mental and physical comfort for the driver. Highly comfortable, it is supplied with standard safety belts and is fully adjustable according to height and weight. The hydraulic power steering is extremely handy and makes it possible to drive the truck on any type of flooring. The operator’s climb into the operator seat is made easy and safe by the ideally positioned step.

A stylish dashboard with an adjustable steering-wheel contains the MONTINI Check Control Memory. This device helps the operator monitor the lift truck functions at any time and in any working conditions by means of the service indicators and messages on the alphanumeric display unit.

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