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The new series of MR ZINC lift trucks is the natural evolution of the special configurations in which MONTINI has become specialised after being the leader of specific niche markets and market segments for over forty years: highly saline, cold or deep-freezing environments; tanneries; food processing industry; humid and dusty areas; environments with high risk of fire or explosion; offshore platforms for oil and gas extraction; and more generally, extreme or particular conditions in which special technical and non-standard solutions are required in order to guarantee compliance with regulations and a longer working life of the forklift.

The new MR ZINC forklifts, fully hot-dip galvanised and with stainless steel components, are unique products in the range of electric front lift trucks available world-wide.

This new series includes 3 and 4-wheel models with load capacities up to 4500 kg.

Given their technical specifications, the innovative MR ZINC lift trucks are mainly intended for food processing industry, in particular fish and shellfish, dairy products (milk, cheese), meat and sausages, fruit and vegetables.

The typical features of these sectors are:

- the presence of salt, blood and water, all highly corrosive agents for any ferrous component;

- the need to frequently wash the lift trucks, by also using high pressure washers;

- the presence of large quantities of water, very harmful for the electric and electronic components;

- the compliance with health regulations;

- the requirement for products that are suitable for contact with food, even in accidental circumstances (i.e. hydraulic oil and grease).

All these requirements are met by MONTINI with its MR ZINC lift trucks.

From a technological point of view, these machines are characterised by hot-dip galvanising of the components at a temperature of around 450°C.

The treatment, based on an iron-zinc alloy, ensures outstanding resistance and reliability impossible to match for standard machines, because the alloy used will act as a binding agent between the pure zinc protective layer and the underlying ferrous layer to be protected.

An equally high level of care is applied to hot zinc wire metallisation surface treatments, which ensure excellent abrasion resistance.

Another plus factor is the massive presence of stainless steel components (pins, bolts, fittings, screws, etc.) and the water-tight protection of the electric parts.

MR ZINC is the ideal lift truck for the food processing industry, where strict compliance is required with the stringent HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) in order to assess and evaluate dangers and risks and establish control measures aimed at preventing health and safety problems, but also for highly aggressive environments (areas with high risk of fire or explosion; offshore platforms for oil and gas extraction).

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