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MR7 - MONTINI Revolution

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MR7 is the model of the MONTINI Revolution series that can handle 7 tons at load centre 600 mm. The high level of stability and safety make this model a flexible solution for many customisable logistic applications. From high lifts to heavy loads, from significant load centres to special attachments, MR7 represents the perfect solution to ever more ambitious daily challenges.

The lifting groups, completely designed and manufactured by MONTINI, can meet the most varied requirements and ensure excellent visibility in any working condition.

Getting in and out of the forklift truck is easy with convenient steps and comfortable handles. The steering wheel, which is height- and incline-adjustable, is suspended; the absence of components in the leg area gives the driver an incomparable freedom of movement. Colour display and Joystick are standard on all the MR forklifts. The large upper window (optional), shockproof and resistant to falling loads, maximises the operator’s field of vision and allows precise positioning of the load in full safety. Moreover, on request, the driver’s seat and all main control devices can turn hydraulically up to 90° to keep everything under control and to provide the operator with maximum comfort. Moreover, on request, all main control devices can turn hydraulically up to 90°, to keep under control the load and the work area and to provide the operator with maximum comfort.

The forklift is equipped with twin-motor drive (IP54 protection) with electronic technology in Alternating Current (AC) that, combined with an electronic differential and a rear axle steering up to 101° (Super Steering System), permits to turn in unimaginable spaces. Performance is incredible: the forklift can reach travel speeds of almost 20 km/h and cover challenging slopes.

The forklift is standard fitted with single superelastic tyres, but it is possible to choose the version with front twin tyres, or other tyre types, in order to adapt the truck to any working environment.

Operating expenses and maintenance costs are minimal and permit to reduce energy costs by more than 30% and maintenance costs by approximately 20% compared to diesel lift trucks of the same capacity.

The batteries up to 96V/1150Ah ensure sufficient autonomy to face a long day of work. For those customers who need to work multiple shifts, MR7 is standard equipped with lateral battery quick replacement, already included in the truck body, which permits to change the batteries by means of a mechanical (standard) or hydraulic (optional) system.

MONTINI MR7: a unique forklift, for every need.

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